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Hotels in and around Alta, Northern Norway - 2 matches

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Very good, 4
17 guest reviews
Alta (Urban area)
Member of Best Western Hotels
Bekkefaret 3, 9513 Alta (show map)
Ranked #3 in Alta
Hotels | The hotel is centrally located by highway E6, 6 km from Alta Airport. Famous for homemade food, comfortable rooms, good service. Meeting facilities up to 70 persons with all techn. equipment. Jacuzzi, sauna, free parking and internet connection. B...
Best Western Nordlys Hotel Alta

Very good, 4
22 guest reviews
Alta (Urban area)
Member of Thon Hotels
Fogdebakken 6, 9511 Alta (show map)
Ranked #4 in Alta
Hotels | Thon Hotel Vica is centrally located in the old part of the town called Bossekop. The hotel is a rebuilt farm. The hotel is close to Alta's shops and museums and only a short way from the sea and hiking tracks.
Thon Hotel Vica
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